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Founded by the Israel Dairy Board, Israel Cattle Breeders Association, and the Dairy Industry,”The National Service for Udder Health and Milk Quality” is a non profit organization, whose objective is to improve the udder health and milk quality of all milk producers (cows, sheep & goats) in Israel.

Today the “National Service” is the operative branch of the Israel Dairy Board, providing services to all milk producers with milk quotas, by virtue of a levy on each liter of marketed milk.

The “National Service” was streamlined in 1997 from five regional laboratories to its present form. There is one Mastitis diagnostic laboratory situated in Caesarea, serving all herds, between the Golan Heights in the North, and as far as Eilat in the South. The laboratory also serves as a bacteriological reference laboratory for the “Bactoscan” of the Central milk components laboratory.

The proximity of the two laboratories enables samples for analysis sent by dairy farmers from mastitic cows to be forwarded to Caesarea, together with the samples for milk components that are sent daily by the processing plants from all over the country. There is no further payment from the producers.
The following services are provided to all dairy herds:

Laboratory Diagnosis and Services
Laboratory Assistants - specialize in milk bacteriology, mainly in mastitis pathogens diagnosis and bulk tank analysis (PCR).
They also perform antibiotic sensitivity test (antibiogram) and different milk tests like ELISA testing for
MAP (Paratuberculosis) and BLV antibodies.
Other related tests are teat disinfectant concentration, bedding and teat wiping towels analysis.
The department is ISO 9000 certifid and the laboratory is certifid by the highest international laboratory standard of ISO 17025

Udder Health
Tracing and planning the eradication of contagious mastitis e.g. Strep.Agalactiae, Staph. Aureus, Mycoplasma. 
Advice and support during the eradication phase. - Advice to producers with high Somatic Cell Counts and/or high “bactoscan” counts. - Planning, implementation, and follow up on programs to combat mastitis in individual cows and on a herd basis.
Veterinarians National Service - Highly experienced and knowledgeable on udder health topics, udder treatment, laboratory management, risk factor analysis as well as analysis results of laboratory culturing and other management related factors.
Dairy farmers are advised on how to improve or maintain the present level of udder health on a short and long term basis

Milking parlor and milking equipment analysis
Milking Management Advisers - responsible for milking machine checking and authorization including ancillary equipment (bulk milk tanks, washing systems, vacuum pumps etc.) in accordance with ISO and other international standards.
The milking management advisers are also responsible for cow comfort and environment, cow sheds and milking parlors ventilation.
Also sample cows for bacteriological culturing.

Advice on laboratory facilities and laboratory examinations. - Organization of workshops. - Publication of technical news letters and posters. - Promotion of research projects. - Conducting of field studies. - Advice, co-ordination, and follow up of all services provided.

Veterinary Director - IDB Dr. Shmuel Friedman

Udder Health Specialist Dr. Adin Shwimmer

Laboratory Manager Dr. Mor Freed

Producer Relations and Quality Manager Avraham Harel

Milking Management Instructor Dana Mienis

Milking Management Instructor Meir Reichman

Milking Management Instructor Golan Yaakov

Caesaria Industrial Park
P.O.Box 3553, 38900
Tel. 972-6-6274477
Fax. 972-6-6274242

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