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Nutrition & Feeding

Composition, preservation and digestibility by sheep of wet by-products from the food industry

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Effect of ensiling pomegranate pulp with solid additives on chemical composition, intake and digestibility by sheep

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Feeding behavior improves prediction of dairy cow voluntary feed intake but cannot serve as the sole indicator

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Effect of feeding lactating cows with ensiled mixture of Moringa oleifera, wheat hay and molasses, on digestibility and efficiency of milk production

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Milk glucose-6-phosphate dehydrogenase activity and glucose-6-phosphate are associated with oxidative stress and serve as indicators of energy balance in dairy cows

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Detecting ethanol and acetaldehyde by simple and ultrasensitive fluorimetric methods in compound foods

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Future consequences of decreasing marginal production efficiency in the high-yielding dairy cow

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Molasses-based supplement improved the metabolic status of late-pregnant ewes bearing multiple fetuses

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Effect of feeding long or short wheat hay v. wheat silage in the ration of lactating cows on intake, milk production and digestibility

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Ensiled Moringa oleifera: an antioxidant-rich feed that improves dairy cattle performance

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Low Iodine Intake from Dairy Foods Despite High Milk Iodine Content in Israel

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Consistency of Feed Efficiency Ranking and Mechanisms Associated with Inter-Animal Variation among Growing Calves

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Effect of lactation trimester and parity on eating behavior, milk production and efficiency traits of dairy cows

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