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Nutrition & Feeding

Measurements of energy balance of grazing beef cows on Mediterranean pasture, the effects of stocking rate and season

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Milking performance of dairy ewes fed pellets containing soy hulls as starchy grain substitute

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Digestibility in Lactating Cows of Diets Containing Whole Pima Treated with Sodium Hydroxide Versus Akala or Pima Cottonseed

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Expression of Albumin in Nonhepatic Tissues and its Synthesis by the Bovine Mammary Gland

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Yield composition and in vitro digestibility of new forage sorghum varieties and their ensilage characteristic

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Aminopeptidase N Gene Expression and Abundance in Caprine Mammary Gland is Influenced by Circulating Plasma Peptide

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The ratio between dietary rumen degradable organic matter and crude protein may affect milk yield and composition in dairy sheep

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Computer-controlled milk feeding of calves; The effect of precise milk allocation

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Field performance and nutritive value of a new forage sorghum variety ‘Pnina’ recently developed in Israel

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Starch, protein digestibility and α–amylese activity in different segments of small intestine of lambs

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