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Nutrition & Feeding

The feasibility of replacement of grain by tapioca in diets for growing-fattening cattle

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Increased Weight Gain and Effects on Production Parameters of Holstein Heifer Calves That Were Allowed to Suckle from Birth to Six Weeks of Age

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Effect of dietary protein levels on milk yield and composition of infused into abomasum with methionine and lysine.

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The effect of number of daily meals for daily cows on milk yield and composition

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An adhesion‐defective mutant of Ruminococcus albus SY3 is impaired in its capability to degrade cellulose

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Heat-treated whole cottonseed versus maize gluten meal as a rumen undegradable protein supplement for lactating dairy cows

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Selection of diets by dual-purpose Mamber goats in Mediterranean woodland

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The Effects of Long-Term Administration of Recombinant Bovine Somatotropin (Posilac) and Synovex on Performance, Plasma Hormone and Amino Acid Concentration, and Muscle and Subcutaneous Fat Fatty Acid Composition in Holstein-Friesian Bull Calves

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Models of suppressive effect of tannins. Analysis of the suppressive effect of tannins on ruminal degradation by compartmental models

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In situ assessment of degradability of organic matter in the rumen of the dairy cow.

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