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Nutrition & Feeding

Effects of source and content of ash in poultry litter used in diets for beef cattle

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Effect of dietary concentration of crude protein and Synovex-C on skeletal growth of dairy heifers

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Heat-treated whole cottonseed: Effect of dietary protein concentration on the performance and amino acid utilization by the mammary gland of dairy cows

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Partitioning of Amino Acids Flowing to the Abomasum into Feed,Bacterial, Protozoal, and Endogenous Fractions

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Estimation of the digestible energy of ruminant feedstuffs by the combined bag technique.

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Comparison of models estimating digesta kinetics and fecal output in cattle from fecal concentrations of single-dosed markers of particles and solutes

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Effect of casein supply to the abomasum on post – ruminally starch digestibility glucose metabolism and milk yield of dairy cows

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The effect of nonstructural carbohydrates and addition of full fat and extruded soybeans on the concentration of Conjugated Linoleic Acid in the milk fat of dairy cows

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Effects of somatotropin and dietary calcium soaps of fatty acids in early lactation on milk production, dry matter intake, and energy balance of high-yielding dairy cows.

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The effect of roasting nonlinted whole cottonseed on milk production by dairy cows

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Effect of dietary protein concentration and source on the growth rate and on body composition of Holstein-Friesian male calves

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