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The effect of artificial flavor supplements in non-efficient high producing dairy cows on production efficiency

Sameer J. Mabjeesh and Dr. Yehoshav Ben-Meir - 2022- Number - 820-0351-20

The use of quinoa (Chenopodium quinoa Willd) as a new forage al production and feed efficiency of crop and its effect on performance, individuruminants

Aviv Asher, M.cohen - zinder, Ariel shabtay, Uzi Moallem, Shmuel Galili, Lior rubinovich - 2022- Number - 506-0413-22

Eating behavior, milk production, rumination, and digestibility characteristics of high- and low-efficiency lactating cows fed a low-roughage diet

Utilizing protected fat dietary supplementation for improving productivity in dairy goats

Nurit Argov-Argaman, Haim Leibovich - 2020- Number - 820-0340-20

Dietary manipulation to reduce the level of sodium discharged from the cows feces and urine that reaches the sewage and wastewater

Eyal Frank, Hillel Malka, Yehushav Ben-Meir, Joshua Meron- 2018- Number - 870-1620-18

Understanding the connection between ATP and feed intake in order to increase feed intake post partum

Prof. Sameer Mabjeesh - 2020 - Number - 820-0342-18

Bite dimensions for cattle grazing herbage at low levels of depletion

Unger E. D., Ravid N. and Bruckental I. - Grass and Forage Science, 2001 56 1: 35 - 45

Effect of the synchronization of the degradation of dietary crude protein and organic matter and feeding frequency on ruminal fermentation and flow of digesta in the abomasum of dairy cows.

Shabi Z. et al - Journal of Dairy Science, 1998 81: 1991-2000.

Influence of small intestinal protein on carbohydrate assimilation in dairy cattle.

Abramson S. et al - Annual Meeting, EAAP Vienna, 1997 Abstr. 214, Volume: 48

Wheat Silage: Effect of Cultivar and Stage of Maturity on Yield and Degradability in Situ

Ashbell G. et al - Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry, 1997 45 3: 709–712

Effect of ruminal degradability of crude protein and nonstructural carbohydrates on the efficiency of bacterial crude protein synthesis and amino acid flow to the abomasum of dairy cows.

Mabjeesh S.J. et al, - Journal of Dairy Science, 1997 80: 2939–2949

Digestibility by sheep of direct cut alfalfa silage made with ozonated cotton stalks

Miron J., Ben Ghedalia D. - Animal Feed Science and Technology, 1997 67 (4): 311-317

Digestibility by dairy cows of monosaccharide components in diets containing either ground sorghum or sorghum grain treated with sodium hydroxide

Miron J., Ben Ghedalia D. and Solomon R - Journal of Dairy Science, 1997 80: 144–151

Metabolism of water, sodium, potassium, and chlorine by high yielding dairy cows at the onset of lactation

Silanikove N et al - Journal of Dairy Science, 1997 80: 949–956

The effect of heating and NaOH treatments on the nutritive value of nonlinted whole cottonseeds

Arieli A. et al, - Journal of Animal and Feed Sciences, 1996 5 (3): 215-223
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