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Understanding the connection between ATP and feed intake in order to increase feed intake post partum

Prof. Sameer Mabjeesh - 2020 - Number - 820-0342-18

Bite dimensions for cattle grazing herbage at low levels of depletion

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Influence of small intestinal protein on carbohydrate assimilation in dairy cattle.

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Wheat Silage: Effect of Cultivar and Stage of Maturity on Yield and Degradability in Situ

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Digestibility by sheep of direct cut alfalfa silage made with ozonated cotton stalks

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Digestibility by dairy cows of monosaccharide components in diets containing either ground sorghum or sorghum grain treated with sodium hydroxide

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Metabolism of water, sodium, potassium, and chlorine by high yielding dairy cows at the onset of lactation

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The effect of heating and NaOH treatments on the nutritive value of nonlinted whole cottonseeds

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Dietary effects on fat deposition and fatty acid profile in muscles and fat depots on Friesian Bull Calves

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Effects of fill volume of diets on digestive tract kinetics and fattening pattern of growing Holstein-Friesian bull calves

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In-Sacco disappearance of starch nitrogen and fat in processed grains

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