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Milk Quality

Cost-efficient production of milk is the first indispensable step towards the survival of dairy operators, farmers and processors alike -but the real challenge goes far beyond and regards the market as a whole, including eventual particularities of consumer demand and taste. Since the milk produced on the farm constitutes the exclusive raw material for the entire dairy industry, the accent is on quality. In recent months, the board of directors* of the Israel Dairy Board (IDB) decided and ratified the new standards for milk quality, for the time being at the dairy plant gate.

Milk collection and delivery to plant
Every day, except Saturdays and Holidays.

4°C at collection, 7° C at plant gate.

< 6.8deg SH, Full Price. > 6.8deg, SH Not acceptable.

Freezing point
Indicates added water, maybe inadvertently while flushing milk pumps; < 1% Full Price. > 1% For every liter of added water, a penalty of the price of two liters Grade A Milk.

Milk Inhibitors
(Antibiotics, disinfectants, etc.) All milk is checked before being accepted at the processing plant. Milk not passing a “Delvo-X-Press” test is not accepted, besides a penalty of 50% on the entire delivery value for first offenders, and 150% penalty for multiple offenders.

Total Bacterial Count (TBC)
3 random monthly tests

Category                                                           Payment
Superior < 10,000 bacteria/ml.                            Flexible
Premium Grade A  11,000 – 50,000 bacteria/ml.  Full target price
Grade B  > 50,000 bacteria/ml.                           3% Penalty

Somatic Cell Count (SCC)
Arithmetical average of all milk marketed monthly. SCC checked at every collection.

Grade                                              Payment
Superior < 200,000 Cells/ml               Flexible
Grade A 201,000 – 300,000 Cells/ml  100%
Grade B  > 300,000 –  Cells/ml           97%
Grade C > 400,000 Cells/ml               first month  90%
Grade D > 400,000 Cells/ml               second month  80%*

*3 consecutive moths above 400,000, milk disqualified at processing plant on arrival. Consistently strict observance of good milking procedures and hygienic cleaning operations will conduce to better milk quality, and ensure full payment for the milk produced and shipped to the dairy plant. Also, the production of high quality milk might well be the key to survival of the diligent dairy farmer and indeed, the entire dairy Industry.

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