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Strauss Dairy

One of Israel’s largest dairy enterprises, Strauss Dairy embodies the tailor-made flavor of a family farm combined with the forward-looking approach of a major corporation. Israel’s original “Mom & Pop” dairy, the company’s roots were planted in 1936 by Richard & Hilda Strauss who fled Nazi Germany and set up a small family farm in Israel’s northern city of Naharia. The dairy’s history is a mirror image of the State of Israel’s development, with its owners playing a significant role in the establishment of the country. By the 1960’s Strauss Dairy had evolved into Israel’s largest private dairy. Since then, Strauss has formed partnerships with important European dairy producers, such as Unilever and Danone, in order to upgrade its expertise in R & D, production and quality. In 1997 it became the majority shareowner of Elite – a manufacturer of coffee and confectionery – turning the one-time small dairy into the Strauss-Elite Group. Today, Strauss Dairy is inaugurating a new, state-of-the-art facility in northern Israel, which is one of the most advanced operations of its type in the world. Still a family run business with an outstanding growth rate, Strauss Dairies alone has a staff of over 400 employees located in branch offices throughout Israel, all of whom are dedicated to providing customers with quality dairy goods manufactured under strict quality assurance procedures. 


Strauss prides itself on being a company that listens to its customers. Today’s dairy consumers want to be pampered. At the same time they are also concerned about their health. The Strauss answer: healthy, delectable dairy. Vitamin and low fat content needs are addressed, yet the flavor stays on your taste buds long after you’ve eaten every Strauss product.


By forming a partnership with France’s Danone – one of Europe’s leading dairy concerns – Strauss provides customers both at home and abroad with an extensive range of high quality products bearing the special dairy taste for which France is known. 


Strauss has done the impossible for consumers: it has applied state-of-the-art technology to rich, luscious dairy delights and turned them into low-fat products with a similarly delicious taste:

  • “Milky” Cream Topped Puddings: rich in look and taste with a low fat content.
  •  “Dany” Puddings: For mothers it’s an important dairy portion. For kids, it’s a dreamy dessert
  • “Gamadim”: Mini portions of sweet soft white cheese combined with fruit puree. This special cheese line has been developed for babies, toddlers and children.
  • “Ski”: Calcium enriched, soft spreadable white cheese available in 1/2%, 5% & 9% fat content.
  • “Symphony”: Cream cheese lovers don’t have to control themselves any longer. Perfect for bagels, lox and any other desirable combination, this cream cheese line orchestrates low fat content (3% & 5%) with unforgettable flavors: plain or with interesting vegetable combinations.

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