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Organization structure


Following is the organizational structure of the Dairy Board, as also presented in a block diagram table # 2.

1. General meeting Made up of representatives of the Government, Producers, consumers and the Dairy Industry.
2. Board of Directors Made up of those bodies, which make up the general meeting. A balance is maintained among all the organization, while the producers form the majority. The Board of Directors elects the professional committees to assist it in the handling of issues, which it is assigned to promote.
3. Control Committee Elected by the general meeting and is obliged to report to the general meeting only. It submits a regular annual report.
4. Managing Director Elected by the Board of Directors. The M.D. sees to the on-going management of the Dairy Board. He implements the resolutions of the Board of Directors; initiates activities, which will further execute the objectives of the Dairy Board.
5. Ass. M.D. Subordinate to the M.D. and acts in accordance with the guidelines of the Board of Directors for promoting issues and according to the delegation of authorities between him and the Managing Director.
6. Personal


Made up of rep. Of the Board of Directors, the M.D. and his Ass. M.D.. Its role is to hire employees according to the framework set forth by the Board of Directors.
7. Internal


His function is to control and review the activity of the Dairy Board and its employees in accordance with the guidelines set forth by the Board of Directors. He is obligated to report to the Managing Director.
8. Finance


This committee is in charge of the management of the Dairy board’s funds, as well as for the preparation & review of its budget.
9. Exports and raw Materials department Handling the surplus milk produced beyond the set milk quotas, turning it into raw material, milk powder, butter or hard cheeses, and seeing to exporting them abroad.
10. Planning committee In charge of collecting data on milk production and the producers, data on the absorption of milk by the dairies, the dairies output figures, data on sales of dairy products, etc. Market forecasts, the allocation of milk quotas and national consumption of milk are based on these reports.
11. Economic Committee Reviews product prices, evaluation of milk production costs and of dairy product processing costs. It prepares any financial report as requested.
12. Accounting Dept. Sees to the ongoing accounting and preparation of the annual balance sheet / statements.
13. Advertising & Sales Promoting Dept. Carries out advertising of the dairy industry in general, parallel to the advertising of specific products by the different dairies. It initiates seminars, conventions and any other activity to increase the consumption of milk and other dairy products.
14. Secretariat Sees to the office administration of the Dairy Board, facilitating its daily activities.
15. Software and Computer Dev. Performs systems maintenance. All planning in the Israeli Dairy industry is based on a large database, which is completely computerized and designed to provide all required reports.


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