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Proposal for Provision Professional Services


Israel Dairy Board – Udder Health and Milk Quality

Consultation, Instruction and Technical Testing

  • Proposals for consultation, instruction and technical testing
  • Background: The National service for milk quality and udder health is the operative branch of the Israel Dairy Board.
    The department staff are Veterinarians, Milking Management Advisers and Laboratory Assistants, proficient in udder health and milk quality.
    The department is ISO 9000 certified and the laboratory is certified by the highest international laboratory standards ISO 17025


Milking Management Advisers – responsible for milking machine testing and authorization including ancillary equipment (bulk milk tanks, washing systems vacuum pumps etc.) in accordance with ISO and other international standards. The milking management advisor is also responsible for cow comfort and environment, cow sheds and milking parlors, ventilation and also sample cows for bacteriological culturing.

Laboratory Assistants – Specialize in milk bacteriology, mainly in mastitis pathogens diagnosis and bulk tank analysis (PCR).
They also perform antibiotic sensitivity tests (antibiogram) and different tests like ELISA testing for MAP (Paratuberculosis) antibodies, BVD, and Leptospirosis. Other related tests are, teat disinfectant concentration, bedding and teat wiping towels analysis.

Veterinarians – Highly experienced and knowledgeable on udder health topics, udder treatment, laboratory management, risk factor analysis as well as analyzing results of laboratory culturing and other management related factors.

Dairy farmers are advised on how to improve or maintain the present level of udder health on a short or long term basis.

 Proposal for Professional Services

 Name of Workshop:

Laboratory Diagnosis of Pathogens in Raw Milk and How to improve Udder Health in your Herd *

Instructors: Veterinarian specialist in mastitis together with a Laboratory Technician (2 instructors).

Duration: Approximately 4 – 5 days

Workshop Objective:

In the Field:
Instruction on milk sampling.
Hygienic Milking Routine – Instruction.
Risk Assessment – Udder Health and Milk Quality in your Herd.

In the Laboratory:
Introduction to laboratory procedures and identification of pathogens.
Laboratory Quality and Safety.
Data Documentation.

Target Group:
Laboratory Directors, Laboratory Technicians, Veterinarians, Researchers and Professional Farm Directors.

Bacterial Culturing, Incubation and Pathogen Identification.
Sensitivity tests for antibiotics.
Investigation and Identification of Specific Udder Pathogens,
Analysis of the results and recommendations.

* This workshop must have a diagnostic laboratory with all the
necessary basic equipment (Refrigerator, Incubator,
Microscope etc.)

Name of Workshop:

Udder Health and Milk Quality How to improve your Results *

Instructors: National Service Veterinarian together with a Milking Management Adviser. (2 Instructors)

Duration: Approximately 5 days.

Workshop Objective: Basic knowledge of all aspects of udder health and milk quality.

Target Group: Dairy Farmers, Farm managers, Veterinarians and Researchers.

Program: Introduction to Udder Pathogens, The Milking Machine, Milking Parlor Maintenance, Hygienic Milking Routine, Risk Factor Evaluation in the Milking Parlor, Creating a Database and Analyzing the Results, Setting Professional Objectives.

The program includes at least 1 – 2 Field Days

* The professional level will be according to the specific target  group.

Name of Workshop:

Milking Management Visit to Your Farm*

Instructor: Milking Management Advisor

Milking Machine Testing: Including Ancillary Equipment: Bulk Milk Tanks, Washing Systems, Vacuum Pumps etc.
A report summarizing the test results including recommendations.

Worker Training: Hygienic Milking Routine, Milking Parlor Maintenance and Troubleshooting, Cow comfort and Environment.

Duration: Depending on designated assignments.

* The adviser will be equipped with all the necessary testing
It is advised that he be accompanied by a technical  representative of the milking machine company.


All services must be coordinated with me by prior arrangement


Dr Shmuel Friedman DVM PhD
Veterinary & Milk Quality Manager
Israel Dairy Board


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