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Israel Dairy Delicacies Profile


A Mediterranean Dairy Industry

Israel’s amazingly extensive array of dairy products is enjoyed the world over. Crafted by food experts well versed in the traditional methods of other famous dairy producing countries, they suit the palate of a wide range of food connoisseurs and chefs.
With two farming systems – Kibbutz and Moshav cooperatives – the nation’s 50 dairies (large and boutique) are supplied with the dairy they need to create a rainbow of Mediterranean dairy delicacies. Israel’s famous breed of the Holstein cow is the primary source for its delicious milk products.
Dairy farmers also raise goats and sheep in order to enhance their range of specialty foods. Strict Quality Control procedures are followed during every step of the manufacturing process, guaranteeing that Israeli milk products meet stringent international standards.

A Palate for High Quality, Gourmet Milk Products

Dairy goods play an important role on the Israeli menu. With a nation that eats two milk-based meals a day – including the famous Israeli breakfast (known for its veritable feast of soft, spreadable, creamy white cheeses, hard and semi-firm cheeses and deliciously flavored yogurts) – food manufacturers continually create innovative products to satisfy one of the world’s most discerning dairy palates. Consequently, new items constantly hit the shelves of the country’s supermarket chains and grocery stores.

Fresh Dairy Delicacies From the Land of Milk & Honey

Israel’s fantastic world of dairy delicacies covers a product range spanning over 700 different types of products. In addition to high quality staples, the country offers a scrumptious selection of choice, fresh dairy goods. 

Fresh, Spreadable Creamy Cheeses

One of Israel’s savory attractions is its unique selection of fresh, spreadable, creamy white cheeses. Available in a wide range of flavors and fat contents, this line also includes distinctive, delicious low-fat cheeses developed in Israel.

Hard & Semi Firm Cheeses

Israel has expanded its line of hard cheeses to suit the appetite of gourmands and even the diet conscious looking for added aroma and zest. The range is tantalizing and includes cheeses such as Edam, Gouda and Swiss, aged Cheddar, Blue, Mozzarella and cheese slices with assorted condiments.

Goat’s Milk & Sheep’s Milk Cheeses

Designed for connoisseurs of fine foods, boutique dairies around Israel dedicate themselves to specialty cheeses such as Feta, Balkan Kashkaval and creamy goat’s cheeses.

Pasteurized Processed Cheeses

People on the go and the diet conscious appreciate the selection of Israel’s processed cheeses that come in assorted flavors and with a variety of seasonings.


Israel’s yogurt line covers regular and gourmet. It is unique because of its plain flavored personal portions, its fat content range (0% – 4%) and its highly developed packaging combinations, such as individual portion containers with special plastic capped additions for pouring in and mixing. 

Dairy Desserts

Dairy desserts are one of the industry’s highlights. The assortment of adult and kid-size personal portions is absolutely scrumptious, and there’s no better way to increase calcium intake.

Dairy Drinks

Make way for another Israeli specialty: a rainbow of dairy beverages that go beyond plain, pasteurized milk.


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