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The effect of artificial flavor supplements in non-efficient high producing dairy cows on production efficiency

Sameer J. Mabjeesh and Dr. Yehoshav Ben-Meir - 2022- Number - 820-0351-20

Eating behavior, milk production, rumination, and digestibility characteristics of high- and low-efficiency lactating cows fed a low-roughage diet

The use of quinoa (Chenopodium quinoa Willd) as a new forage al production and feed efficiency of crop and its effect on performance, individuruminants

Aviv Asher, M.cohen - zinder, Ariel shabtay, Uzi Moallem, Shmuel Galili, Lior rubinovich - 2022- Number - 506-0413-22

Utilizing protected fat dietary supplementation for improving productivity in dairy goats

Nurit Argov-Argaman, Haim Leibovich - 2020- Number - 820-0340-20

Development of a stochastic simulation model for estimating economic losses at farm level

Ayal Kimhi, 1.Michael van Straten - 2017-118-0062-14

Effects of cooling dry cows under heat load conditions on mammary gland enzymatic activity, intake of food and water, and performance during the dry period and after parturitoin

Israeli cows lead the world in milk production

Assessing the Response of Farm Households to Dairy Policy Reform in Israel

Israel’s Economic and Trade Mission to the UK

Veterinary Care, Milking Routine and Animal Welfare –

NOA – A Management Information System for the National Dairy and Beef Herds

Efficiency Implications of the Dairy Farm Policy Reform in Israel

What we have learned about milking management in the past two decades – Ralph Ginsberg

Dairy Industry Summary for 2018: Which is the farm with the highest production average per cow and how much milk did the highest producing cow yield?

Selective Dry Cow Treatment – based on evidences

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