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Gad Dairies

Cheese with character is the best way to describe products manufactured by Gad Dairies. What started out decades ago as a small family dairy in Turkey is today one of Israel’s largest dairies. Established in 1980, Gad Dairies combines simplicity with ingenuity, tradition and progress, uniquely incorporating these elements into a manufacturing process yielding flavorful cheeses. Located in Israel’s Central Region, Gad’s state-of-the-art manufacturing facility covers an expanse of 7,000 sq.m and complies with ISO 9001.


Gad’s products are based on professional secrets and family recipes that have been handed down from generation to generation, winning the hearts of cheese lovers in Israel and abroad. Mediterranean in style, every Gad cheese has its own unique taste. The key to the company’s success is its insistence on maintaining a fresh homespun flavor while at the same time integrating advanced technologies and international know-how into its manufacturing process.


A strong Mediterranean influence is felt in all of Gad’s products. The company’s founders looked to their Turkish roots in order to create their own distinct Malabi dairy dessert. The company’s present CEO – Mr. Ezra Cohen – spent a significant amount of time in Italy in order to learn the secrets of Italian cheese makinh. With his newly acquired know-how, he pioneerd the manufacturing of Italian cheeses in Israel.


Italian Cheeses
Mozzarella: in water; balls; small “Baby” size; natural; smoked; shredded & shredded for pizza; nlock; special Mozzarella for pizza.
Ricotta: Ricotta/Urda; Ricotta/Urda cup; salted Ricotta/Urda; Ricotta bell pepper
Mascarpone: cup.
Kashkavalo: sliced; block
Pikorino: sliced vacuum; Romano block.

White Cheeses
Cream Cheese: natural; with green olives; with vegetables; with dill & garlic; with green onion; hard cream cheese.
Natural Cheese 5%
Labane: natural; in olive oil & zatar

Salted Cheese
Feta: Bulgarian cubes in cups (5% & 16%); Bulgarian cubes in buckets (5% & 16%); Bulgarian spread cup, Bulgarian spread with herbs in cups; Bulgarian spread with olives in cups; Bulgarian vacuum; sheep Feta vacuum.
Halumi in bag

Miscellaneous Dairy
Dill & garlic butter
Yellow cheese for tosted grill cheese

Rice pudding



Gad Dairy
7 Ha`Solelim St., 59597 Bat-Yam, Israel
Tel: 972-3-5550222, Fax: 972-3-5517961


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