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Physiology & Management

Israeli cows lead the world in milk production

Effects of cooling dry cows under heat load conditions on mammary gland enzymatic activity, intake of food and water, and performance during the dry period and after parturitoin

Assessing the Response of Farm Households to Dairy Policy Reform in Israel

Efficiency Implications of the Dairy Farm Policy Reform in Israel

What we have learned about milking management in the past two decades – Ralph Ginsberg

Thermoregulatory Control in Cattle Exposed to the Natural Climate

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Desert Conditions and Goat Milk Production

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Upper Critical Temperatures and Forced Ventilation Effects for High-Yielding Dairy Cows in a Subtropical Climate

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Cooling Dairy Cattle by a Combination of Sprinkling and Forced Ventilation and Its Implementation in the Shelter System

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Dry Period Heat Stress Relief Effects on Prepartum Progesterone, Calf Birth Weight, and Milk Production

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Thermal, Productive, and Reproductive Responses of High Yielding Cows Exposed to Short-Term Cooling in Summer

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Water, sodium, potassium, and chlorine metabolism of dairy cows at the onset of lactation in hot weather.

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Milk Yield, Parity, and Cow Potential As Variables for Computerized Concentrate Supplementation Strategy

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Comparative Responses of Lactating Cows to Total Mixed Ration or Computerized Individual Concentrates Feeding

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Lactation Potential as a Criterion for Strategy of Feeding Total Mixed Rations to Dairy Cows

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