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Physiology & Management

Effects of solar radiation, dietary energy, and time of feeding on thermoregulatory responses and energy balance in cattle in a hot environment.

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Estimation of energy expenditure from heart rate measurements in cattle maintained under different conditions.

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The Effects of Long-Term Administration of Recombinant Bovine Somatotropin (Posilac) and Synovex on Performance, Plasma Hormone and Amino Acid Concentration, and Muscle and Subcutaneous Fat Fatty Acid Composition in Holstein-Friesian Bull Calves

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Estimation of Energy Expenditure from Heart Rate Measurements in Cattle Maintained under Different Conditions

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Blood Flow and Oxygen Concentration of Teat-end Tissue Before and After Machine Milking

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A Three-Cascaded-Enzymes Biosensor to Determine Lactose Concentration in Raw Milk

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The Effect of Extended Calving Intervals in High Lactating Cows on Milk Production and Profitability

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Casein-derived phosphopeptides disrupt tight junction integrity, and precipitously dry up milk secretion in goats

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The variability of the ratio of oxygen consumption to heart rate in cattle and sheep at different hours of the day and under different heat load conditions

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