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Physiology & Management

Operating robotic milking under arid environment

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Effects of cooling dry cows under heat load conditions on mammary gland enzymatic activity, intake of food and water, and performance during the dry period and after parturition

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Predicted limits for evaporative cooling in heat stress relief of cattle in warm conditions

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Simulating the hierarchical order and cow queue length in an automatic milking system

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Mathematical optimization to improve cows’ artificial insemination services

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Long-term effects of ad libitum whole milk prior to weaning and prepubertal protein supplementation on skeletal growth rate and first-lactation milk production

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Effects of shearing, ambient cooling and feeding with byproducts as partial roughage replacement on milk yield and composition in Assaf sheep under heat-load conditions

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Are adaptations present to support dairy cattle productivity in warm climates?

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Effect of Photoperiod in the Third Trimester of Gestation on Milk Production and Circulating Hormones in Dairy Goats

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Performance and welfare of high-yielding dairy cows subjected to 5 or 8 cooling sessions daily under hot and humid climate

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Periparturient dairy cows do not exhibit hepatic insulin resistance, yet adipose-specific insulin resistance occurs in cows prone to high weight loss

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Development of an automatic cow body condition scoring using body shape signature and Fourier descriptors

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Automatic cow’s body condition scoring

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Monitoring of the physiological and behavioural stress response of Holstein bulls following group mixing

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Milk glucose-6-phosphate dehydrogenase activity and glucose-6- phosphate are associated with oxidative stress and serve as indicators of energy balance in dairy cows

Zachut M. et al - RSC Advances , 2016 70: 65412-65417
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